Backround information/Statistics

Small Arms Survey an independent research project located at the Graduate Institute of International and Development Studies in Geneva, Switzerland. The major source of up to date information on small arms.

SIPRI The Stockholm International Peace Research Institute - top class information resource backed by Swedish government

Worldwatch article on the extent of small arms proliferation and its dangers

Campaigning Organisations

IANSA International Action Network on Small Arms - one of the major small arms control organisations

Controlarms - campaign for the proposed UN arms treaty -run by Amnesty, Oxfam and IANSA.

CAAT UK's London based Campaign Against The Arms Trade

Twickenham, Richmond and Kingston Network Against the Arms Trade campaigns against the government's promotion of the arms trade.

Arms manufacturers etc

BAE Huge, originally uk based, global manufacturer of almost every kind of weapon.

Heckler Koch a major, originally German, small arms manufacturer - owned for a time by BAE, with branches in UK, US and France. UK branch does "international" (non-NATO or US) sales. Has law enforcement and commercial segments.

Armalite American company with a popular range of rifles (M16 etc.) and a new range of hand guns.

Norinco Very large Chinese armaments company. Big exporter of cheap small arms.