Banks with effective ethical policies

  • Nationwide Building society

    Nationwide has the advantage of branches in most town centres. It provides free online current accounts and a £13 a month account with a higher rate of interest. It is 2nd equal in Ethical Consumer's list.
  • Triodos

    Triodos has the highest ethical rating. It provides online current account only with a contactless card, a mobile banking app but no unarranged overdrafts. There is a £3 monthly charge.
  • Cumberland Building Society

    has 34 branches in the North-West. It provides free online, telephone and branch current account banking. It is 2nd equal in Ethical Consumer's list.
  • Metro Bank

    has 60+ branches mainly in London and the South-East with extended opening hours (8-8 weekdays, 8-6 Sat, 11-5 Sun.) It provides free mobile, online and branch current account banking. It has a medium rating in Ethical Consumer's list.

  • Ethical Consumer has a list and detailed information here.

£5.6 billion Saudi arms sales since bombing of Yemen began

Court of Appeal finds UK arms sales to Saudi Arabia illegal(see here)

BUT 295 already granted export licences to Saudi Arabia mean the trade will continue.

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The UN Draft Treaty on Arms Control, our government's arms sales to the Middle East and other news.

Pester your Pension Fund manager

Email or write to the manager of your pension fund asking him not to fund the arms trade + some useful links

Ethical Investment

Making sure our money isn't used to fund the arms trade by banks, investment and pension fund managers. Information, advice and links on this subject.

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There are links in other sections but this brings together the most important in a general list, including major weapons manufacturers' sites